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Connect with people through content

People are driven by their emotions and base 90% of decisions on how they feel. There is a place for facts and figures, but if you want to connect with your audience you need to engage them. ​


Content marketing centred around people's needs is the most effective vehicle to drive traffic, grow leads and convert customers. Every piece of content should tell a story that resonants and provides your reader with the answer. 

Want to create high-quality content but don’t know where to start? 


Hello, I'm Amanda Faull.

I’m a freelance content marketing consultant with over 8 years’ experience helping brands craft authentic stories and build audiences. 

I work with businesses to create bespoke content from ideation to execution - blogging, newsletters, ebooks, case studies, infographics, internal communications, whitepapers, presentations, social media posts, images across all channels, research and thought leadership, podcasts and website copy.

I can be an extra pair of hands for a busy marketing team or a longer-term strategic partner (depends on how good your coffee is).


How I Help

Whether you have a one-off writing project or looking for a long-term creative partner, I'm happy to create a bespoke offer for your business. I use data and your goals to create content centred around your ideal personas that attracts traffic and positions you as an authority in your space.


Content Strategy

A content strategy brings together your goals, my research and a framework for consistency and measuring success.

Content Creation

 From long-form articles that will resonate with your target readers to eBooks to grow your marketing list. Working with influencers and brands from your industry to improve your content’s authority.

Content Management

Looking after your content, whether that's regular blogging, crafting newsletters and emails, refreshing copy or uploading content.

Publish & Promotion

Building a high-ranking web presence using keyword research, content formatting, link building and promotion through channels.

Measure & Report

Content marketing is about testing and learning, then improving on what works. Reports on performance looking at traffic and conversion goals. 

Special requests?

Not sure what you need or what any of this means? Get in touch for a free consultation. I love a challenge and will do my darndest to find the answer! 

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou, writer and activist

Get in touch

Based in north London but able to travel across the UK. Happy to meet for a cuppa if you're local. Get in touch and I'll see what I can do for you.

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